The range of unplasticised polyvinyl chlorides (UPVCs) stand out in the market for their durability, low maintenance, light weight, resistance to chemicals and an internal smooth surface.

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MD's Message

Today STAR Pipes and Fittings, represents one of India's largest and fastest growing companies with products ranging from PVC fittings to large scale industrial and agricultural pipes. While operating from India and UAE we take great pride in our scientifically backed products and the efforts that we make everyday to improve people's lives.


At STAR Pipes and Fittings, we always keep on upgrading technology. We employ the latest world class machines. Our computerised quality control lab, logistics division, all speak volumes of our penchant to keep in tune with the times.



STAR Pipe and Fittings has been manufacturing and distributing quality products for the water and wastewater industry for 30 years. With distribution centers across South India and over Middle East, STAR Pipe Products remains committed to providing customers with quality products and professional service.